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Value Pricing (Figure 2)

Value Pricing (Figure 1)

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We specialize in defining value that the customer places on your product or services.  Once it is identified what the customer values, we can measure you up against your competitors.  This is normally done through surveys and illustrated through value maps.  The value map will identify where your company or product lie in relation to your competitors.  This type of research requires a survey of the marketplace.   We know it’s not a perfect world, so when you don’t know your competitive customers, research can be done to measure the attributes that are important to your customers. When identifying the value of a new product, customer analysis will begin early in product design.  Normally this step happens after a product is conceptualized (see figure 1).  It is beneficial to do this prior to product design so you can match the product to what the customer values.  Without a value analysis early in design, a value gap may occur where you may over or under produce a product.  Alternatively, many companies do a combination of value analysis within new markets and use a more traditional approach with markets they are familiar with.  Under the traditional approach, a company is very familiar with the market and seeks Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC) input toward the end of a new product introduction to verify it is on the right track (figure 2).   Whether it is a new product introduction or conducting ongoing customer satisfaction research, AnalysisTree.com can provide as much detail as you would like.  We can start with a survey, either blind or non-blind, that is conducted over the phone, internet or mail.  We will provide the data back to you for your own analysis, or we can provide the full analysis and report.  The detail is up to you.  Or if you wish to do the majority of the work, we can coach you through it to get you going.  Whatever the circumstance may require, we have the experience with everything from a value map, to a more complex conjoint or factor analysis.  Whichever the case, it begins with understanding your unique needs. 

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AnalysisTree.com was founded after realizing a real need for a value-based market analysis approach to research that would provide actionable information.  Our value-based approach specializes in creating and implementing Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC) information systems.  This includes customer satisfaction, product delivery and win/loss surveys.    It is our focus to provide insight into your customer’s beliefs and perceptions using the right tools for each unique situation.

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