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A Research Company

We match the output you desire with correct tools for the research

Whether it be as simple as a one-time customer survey or an extensive conjoint analysis, we will use the right tools to gain the best knowledge. 

We know the ins and outs  of survey research

Survey research looks easy enough that a grade schooler can do it.  The truth, it takes experience to know how to word the questions, how to structure them, and be able to visualize how the respondent data can be used once it is acquired. 

We're not just a vendor, we're your partner

Let face it, putting effort into survey research is done for a reason.  Nobody likes to antagonize the customer with  a survey unless it proves to be beneficial. 

We've built our reputation on providing Actionable MARKET INFORMATION

After receiving his B.B.A. in Economics and MBA from Fort Hays State University, Analyst of AnalysisTree.com, Jesse Jacobs, began his career in market analysis with the Department of Labor in Casper Wyoming.  Upon moving back to Kansas, he remained in research and transitioned into the aviation industry at Wichita.  In 2008 he led and managed all aviation market forecasting and pricing at Cessna Aircraft.  Here he applied his extensive customer research background in forecasting the overall  industry and segment deliveries.  Along with overall market demand, he also developed existing and new model forecasts.  His forecasts were used extensively to align supply chain with market demand.

We excel in customer satisfaction research, whether it is a one-time or continuous survey.  In addition, we identify new product attributes that will drive market share and measure the impact of price sensitivity.